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    2017 Important Dates

    Since its inception, NGRREC℠ has hosted a highly successful experiential learning internship program. The program not only seeks to transfer knowledge, but also actively engages students in field experimentation, critical thinking, synthesis and presentation of ideas, and leadership in project-level research.


    Students are assigned specific river research projects, conduct field experimentation, gain invaluable experience using data/specimen collection and cataloging protocols, and learn out to analyze, synthesize, and interpret data and translate these into research reports. Finally, they experience the challenge and exhilaration of presenting their findings in a symposium specifically designed for student interns.

    The 2017 program hopes to support between 20-25 students for a ten-week paid internship, pending available funding. Intern can potentially earn up to $4,000. Project advisors will have a project budget of up to $1,500. The internship program begins May 23  with a four-day short course and orientation at NGRREC's Field Station followed by a nine-week internship.

    During the internship period students will work directly with project mentors from host organizations selected by proposals to this solicitation. The program concludes with a Symposium on July 31 and Aug. 1, 2017 during which each student will present their summer work to their fellow interns and project advisors.

    The 2017 deadline for potential advisors to submit project proposals was Nov. 22, 2016. The 2017 deadline for students to apply was Jan. 18, 2017.

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