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    Through College for Kids, students can discover new talents, expand their knowledge and enjoy hands-on learning under the guidance of experienced educators.

  • NGRREC℠ & College for Kids

    NGRREC℠ offers summer programs for students through Lewis and Clark Community College’s College for Kids program. College for Kids is the perfect environment for students to discover new talents, expand their knowledge, and enjoy hands on learning. Summer programs are offered as classes by NGRREC and provide students with the opportunity to discover their water resources through interactive experiences such as water quality sampling, stream scavenger hunts, storm drain stenciling, migratory bird watching and much more.

    College for Kids is an academic enrichment program for children of all ages - from pre-school through high school. More than 20,000 young people have participated in hands-on learning in math, science, creative arts, technology and languages since the program began in 1989.

    Camp Waterschool (5-day camp)

    Water, Water Everywhere! We use it every day but have you ever stopped to think about where it comes from? How much do we have on the planet? In this camp, we will discover and explore water using our local rivers as inspiration. Through hands-on activities, arts and crafts, and outdoor adventures, campers will see our local rivers in a whole new way. The week will include a visit to a working lock and dam, stream walks, and will culminate with a canoe trip led by experienced guides. By reflecting on their personal experiences with the river, campers will appreciate how they can make positive differences in their watershed and community.

    Upcoming Sessions

    • Camp WaterSchool (5-day camp)

      Ages 8-12
      July 10-13
      9:30 a.m. – 3 p.m.
      $70 Instructors: Jen Mandeville and Erica Doerr

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    Register by visiting the Enrollment Center on Lewis and Clark’s campus or any of Lewis and Clark’s Community Education Centers or call/text the Enrollment Center at (618) 468-2222.

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