• Stream-Discovery
  • What is Stream Discovery?

    The Stream Discovery program is an environmental education project that provides students in grades K-12 with the unique hands-on opportunity to learn about water quality in their community by monitoring a local stream.

    Make a Connection

    Students, schools and youth groups can all develop a deeper connection with their natural environment by monitoring and protecting a special stream. Stream monitoring and related service activities such as stream clean up and plantings, inspire a lifelong stewardship of our environment.

    Protect Your Water Resources

    Illinois rivers and streams are impacted by human activities and land uses. Stream monitoring offers hands-on learning approach for students to learn about water resources and develop an understanding of this important connection. Students wade through streams collecting water samples to determine the overall health of the stream and identify problems their community and watershed may be facing. The use of the stream as an outdoor classroom allows for in depth learning opportunities, and helps create a new generation of water stewards.

    Monitoring Components

    Physical — Observe stream habitats and other physical features of the stream

    Biological — Sample benthic macroinvertebrates (examples include mayfly and dragonfly nymphs, dobsonfly larva, and snails)

    Chemical — Test levels of nitrate, phosphate, dissolved oxygen, pH, biological oxygen demand, and other parameters.

    Where will you monitor?

    Stream Discovery will help you find a small to medium size, wadeable stream located near your school. Safety is the most important criteria, as we want students to be safe and have fun.

    How can you get involved?

    The program welcomes teachers, educators or group leaders who work with students in grades K-12. Training events are provided each year to teach you proper monitoring techniques. Educational materials and monitoring equipment are provided.

  • Contact Stream Discovery

    Environmental Education Department

    1 Confluence Way
    East Alton, IL 62024

    Phone: (618) 468-2790

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