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    The National Great Rivers Research and Education Center serves as the statewide coordinator for the Project WET Foundation in Illinois. Founded in 1984, Project WET is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that aims to provide educators throughout the United States with resources and training in a variety of water related curricula. The Project WET Foundation was awarded the 2012 United States Water Prize for their commitment and success in promoting water education.

    As the program's statewide coordinator, we host educator and facilitator training workshops at the Confluence Field Station. Trained facilitators commit to provide further training for educators throughout Illinois, who then use Project WET activities to teach students in their communities about water resources. NGRREC works with partners from around the state to build awareness for the program with educators across the state.

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    Erica Doerr

    1 Confluence Way
    East Alton, IL

    Phone: (618) 468-2791