• Board and Advisory Board Listing

    NGRREC℠ Board

    Dr. Brian Anderson, Board
    Chief, Illinois Natural History Survey
    Ph:  (217) 333-6830
    Fax:  (217) 265-6418
    E-mail:  bda@illinois.edu

    Dr. Jeff Brawn, Board
    Head, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    Ph:   (217) 333-2770
    Fax:  (217) 244-3219
    E-mail:  jbrawn@illinois.edu

    Dr. George Czapar, Board
    Associate Dean and Director, UI Extension
    Ph: (217) 333-9545
    E-mail: gfc@illinois.edu  

    Dr. Susan Czerwinski, Board
    Dean, L&C Math and Sciences
    Ph: (618) 468-4800
    Fax: (618) 466-7179
    E-mail: sczerwin@lc.edu

    Mr. Dave Herzog, Board
    Big Rivers and Wetlands Field Station, Missouri Department of Conservation
    Ph: (573) 243-2659 ext. 1046
    E-mail: dave.herzog@mdc.mo.gov

    Dr. Brian Miller, Board
    Director, Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant and Water Resources Center
    Ph: (217) 244-9329
    E-mail: millerbk@illinois.edu

    Dr. Gary Miller, Board
    Associate Executive Director, Prairie Research Institute
    Ph: (217) 333-8942
    E-mail: gdmiller@illinois.edu   

    Dr. Gary Rolfe, Board
    Director, NGRREC℠
    Ph:  (217) 333-7298
    Fax: (630) 244-7156
    E-mail:  g-rolfe@illinois.edu

    Dr. Richard Warner, Board
    Senior Scientist, NGRREC℠
    Ph: (217) 531-1158
    Fax: (217) 531-2211
    E-mail: dickw@illinois.edu

    Advisory Board

    Ms. Glynnis Collins, Advisory Board
    Executive Director, Prairie Rivers Network
    Ph: (217) 344-2371
    Fax: (217) 344-2381
    E-mail: gcollins@prairierivers.org

    Mr. Charlie Deutsch, Advisory Board
    Supervisory Wildlife Biologist
    U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Louis District
    Ph: (636) 899-0082
    E-mail: Charlie.deutsch@usace.army.mil  

    Mr. Ivan Dozier, Advisory Board
    State Conservationist, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
    Ph: 217-353-6600
    Fax: 217-353-6670
    E-mail: ivan.dozier@il.usda.gov

    Dr. Scott Eckert, Advisory Board
    Professor of Biology, Principia College
    Ph:  (618) 374-5277
    E-mail: scott.eckert@principia.edu  

    Dr. James Herkert, Advisory Board
    Director, Office of Recreation Conservation
    Illinois Department of Natural Resources
    (217) 785-8272
    E-mail: james.herkert@illinois.gov

    Mr. Bob Hrabik, Advisory Board
    Missouri Department of Conservation
    Ph:  (573) 243-2659 x 21
    Fax: (573) 882-4517
    E-mail:  robert.hrabik@mdc.mo.gov

    Mr. Alley Ringhausen, Advisory Board
    Executive Director, Great Rivers Land Trust
    Ph: 618-467-2265
    Fax: 618-466-6167
    E-mail: pcwp@hughes.net

    Mr. Todd Strole, Advisory Board
    Floodplain Initiative Director, UMR Program, The Nature Conservancy
    Ph: (314) 968-1105
    Fax: (314) 968-3659
    E-mail: tstrole@tnc.org

    Dr. David Thomas, Advisory Board
    Director Emeritus, INHS
    Ph: (217) 351-1495 (home)
    E-mail: dthomas@inhs.uiuc.edu

    Dr. Jerry Weinberg, Advisory Board
    Acting Associate Provost for Research
    Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville
    Ph : (618) 650-3010
    E-mail : jweinbe@siue.edu

  • Contact Information

    National Great Rivers Research and Education Center

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    East Alton, IL 62024

    Phone: (618) 468-2911

    Media Inquiries: 

    Jen Young, Media Specialist

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    Phone: (618) 468-2785


    Our Partners

    NGRREC was formed in 2002 from a unique partnership between the Illinois Natural History Survey, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Lewis and Clark Community College.