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  • Mussel Monitoring

    Several RiverWatchers participate in our mussel monitoring program. This program provides volunteers with the unique, hands-on opportunity to learn about water quality in local streams and small rivers by collecting and identifying freshwater mussels. Freshwater mussels are bivalve (hinged shell) mollusks that bury themselves in the stream bed and filter feed on fine particulate matter from the water column. Mussels are excellent bioindicators of water quality, as many are sensitive to changes in their environment. 

    Habitat alteration and pollution in streams has caused many freshwater mussel species in North America to be listed as endangered, threatened, or of special concern. Volunteers will learn about freshwater mussels in an interactive workshop, before doing a freshwater mussel survey of their own at a local stream to measure water quality based on the mussel community. 

    Training workshops for mussel monitoring are offered periodically during the summer (July-August). If you have a group of individuals in your community who want to start a mussel monitoring project or join an existing project, please reach out to RiverWatch staff at riverwatch@lc.edu and we may be able to add an event in your area.  The workshop fee is $50 per adult (age 18 and up). 

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