Research at NGRREC

    Learn more about the Center's research efforts, including our publication history, current projects and future priorities.

  • Research Facilities

    Research facilities at the Confluence Field Station include state of the art wet and dry laboratories as well as a green “living” roof, composed in layers that include 6 inches of recycled material and Styrofoam insulation, 12 inches of growing medium (unique “manufactured” soil), native grasses and plants, and an observation deck complete with an ADA-compliant accessible ramp.

    The second phase of the Field Station was competed in mid-2014 and features 4,800 additional square feet including two new laboratories for studying water quality and wildlife habitat. Also included in the second phase are mesocosms that connect the labs at the field station directly to the Mississippi River.

  • CFS - Mesocosms

  • The mesocosms (pictured above) consist of three pairs of 60-foot by 6-foot concrete raceways, capable of pumping1.6 4 million gallons of flowing water complete with sediment, nutrients and plankton from the river each day. The controlled environments allow for scientists to conduct studies and simulations with river fish and other organisms to develop better conservation strategies.

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