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  • Granting Agencies

    NGRREC’s focus encompasses all aspects of the ecology and management of large rivers, including aquatic, floodplain, and terrestrial habitats, watershed processes, and the human communities that depend on river-floodplain ecosystems.

    In addition to conducting research, our education and outreach programs are essential to our mission. We are grateful to our funding agencies for their support of our efforts in research and education.


    • Education: Mississippi Xchange Program

    Great Rivers Land Trust

    • Research: Palisades Hill Prairie Enhancement Project

    Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation Challenge Grant

    • Sustainability: Confluence Field Station

    Illinois Department of Natural Resources & U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services

    • Research: LTEF: Ancient Sportfishes (sturgeon and paddlefish)

    Illinois Environmental Protection Agency SCALE Grant

    • Education: Stream Discovery

    Illinois Lieutenant Governor's Office and Illinois River Coordinating Council

    • Education: RiverWatch Program

    Natural Resource Conservation Service

    • Research: Vegetative Restoration

    The McKnight Foundation

    • Education: RiverWatch Program

    Trees Forever Illinois Buffer Partnership

    • Education: Living Laboratory

    Southern University Baton Rouge and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Louis District

    • Monitoring:
      • Vegetation Survey for Wilkinson Island - Middle Mississippi
      • Navigation and Environmental Sustainability Program (NESP) Upper Mississippi River System, Systemic Forest Management Plan
      • Melvin Price Locks and Dam Hydroacoustic Survey - Auxiliary Lock
      • NESP Reno Bottoms Forest Restoration Project Implementation Report
      • Forest Resource Survey - Illinois and Upper Mississippi River (Pool 26)

    U.S. Department of Education (Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education - FIPSE)

    • Research: Great Rivers Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecosystems Education and Strategic Planning

    U.S. Geological Survey & US Army Corps of Engineers

    • Research: Long-term River Monitoring Program

    USGS Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences

    • Research: Long Term Resources Monitoring Program (LTRMP) Ecological Assessment of High Quality UMRS Floodplain Forests

    The Walton Family Foundation

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    Phone: (618) 468-2911