Outstanding Biologist Fills a New Role at NGRREC

Article by: Jen Young, NGRREC/L&C Marketing and PR, jenryoung@lc.edu


EAST ALTON – Jenny Mullikin joined the National Great Rivers Research and Education Center staff this month as a new assistant scientist with a focus on wetlands ecology.

Mullikin’s main role at NGRREC is to support principle scientists with their ongoing and future wetlands research and to collaborate with partner organizations. Her previous work experience focused on ground nesting bees that specialize on wetland dependent plants in urban areas. Prior to that, she worked on wetland delineations and monitoring endangered species as an ecological consultant.

“Ecology is the study of organisms and ecosystems and I love that my work helps us understand what’s going on right outside our door,” Mullikin said. “Also, getting to work outside makes the job even better.”

Mullikin also earned a doctorate in biology from Saint Louis University this year. She first became interested in environmental science as a high school student when she participated in a class called Eco-ACT through the Missouri Botanical Gardens.

“It’s the middle of field season right now, so everyone is busy conducting research but I’m excited to learn more about what else is taking place at NGRREC as I get settled into this new position.” 

For more information on our wetlands research visit http://www.ngrrec.org/Research/ or contact Mullikin at jcmullikin@lc.edu or (618) 468-2871.

National Great Rivers Research and Education Center (NGRREC)

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